Curriculum PE

The Physical Education curriculum offers a wide variety of activities.

At Ravens Wood we offer a programme that encompasses the very traditional games of football, rugby, basketball and cricket.  The aesthetic element of the National Curriculum is fulfilled by gymnastics and athletics.  Individualism is developed within the sport of athletics and problem solving is developed and experienced within the Outdoor and Adventurous activities.

Health Related Fitness is taught as a unit in Years 7, 8 and 9, but the benefits of exercise and the correct preparation for exercise underlies the whole curriculum.  The teaching of these, and a number of other activities, ensures that we fulfil the criteria of the Key Stages and offer the students an opportunity to experience and participate in a wide range of sporting areas.

This will enable students to take responsibility for planning sections of lessons (e.g. leading a class warm-up), observation and correction of performance and, consequently, the giving of feedback to their peers.  Students will also be given opportunities to apply and develop ICT skills to support their learning. The aim of this is to develop a thorough understanding of the underlying principles of the subject along with appreciation of the requirements needed to improve teaching and performance situations.

If you have any questions regarding the information above, please contact Mr N Freds, Head of PE via email on

Mr N Freds

Head of Physical Education

The students at Ravens Wood participate in sporting activities chosen to develop the following key concepts of physical performance

Outwitting opponents
Accurate replication
Exploring and communicating ideas concepts and emotions
Exercising safely and effectively
Identifying and solving problems
Performing at maximum levels