Ravens Wood Dallas Cup 2018

Dallas Cup 2018 Team

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Josh Carroll

Football Style: Commanding of my area. Fast to come out to players and not afraid to get physical.

Hopes for the Tour: Get far in the competition and enjoy the experience of the tour.

Ambition in Football: To keep improving and be as good as I can be.

Frankie Bircham

Honours: QPR, Millwall, District Goalkeeper

Football Style: Playmaker Style, good at passing the ball quickly and always got his hand up.

Hopes for the Tour: Get out of the group stage.

Ambition in Football: To become a professional footballer.

Alfie Ray

Honours: Managers Player and Most Improved Player

Football Style: Solid centre back who reads the game and is an attacking aerial threat when it comes to corners.

Hopes for the Tour: To get as much game time as possible and to help get the team out of the group stages by encouraging my team mates to perform at their best as well as myself.

Ambition in Football: I hope that in the future the name on the back of my shirt will be recognisable in the football industry and that I will be able to play in front of a crowd, week in week out. Also to represent my country.

Daniel O'Neill

Honours: Bromley Cup Champion

Football Style:  Tall left footed centre back. Aerial threat.

Hopes for the Tour: Get out of the group stages.

Ambition for Tour: Achieve my full potential.

Daniel Salter

Football Style: Small but tough right back.

Hopes for the Tour: To get out of the group stages.

Ambition in Football: To score at least 10 goals each season in Sunday league.

Ethan Morris

Football Style: Aggressive, agile, left-footed footballer, who reads the game well. Always wanting the ball and looking for an option.

Hopes for the Tour: Meet new people and create life-long friend. Develop as an individual and most importantly as a squad.

Ambition in Football: Take advantage of the games benefits and achieve a high standard.

Harrison Smart

Honours: Selkent Shield Winner 2014/ RWS Most Improved 2015

Football Style: Strong and aggressive in a tackle. Good communicator and team player.

Hopes for the Tour: To play good football. For the team to do well.

Ambition in Football: To play high standard football.

Joseph Turner

Honours: Kent County Cup Winner

Football Style: Fast, tough talking, no nonsense defender.

Hopes for the Tour: High hopes to get out of the group stages and progress through the tournament.

Ambition in Football: Play to the highest level I can.

Oliver Morgan

Honours: 1st D League, 2nd C League

Football Style: I am relatively fast, I’m good in the air, I’m a centre back, I enjoy getting stuck into tackles and I have a lethal right foot.

Hopes for the Tour: I hope to get better technically, and I also hope to get better with my weaker foot.

Ambition in Football: In football I hope to join a successful team and to succeed in competitions.

Jake Phillips

Football Style: Like to keep it simple and kick the ball into the goal.

Hopes for the Tour: Ravens Wood to win the Dallas Cup. Dallas Cheerleaders to hand out the trophy.

Ambition in Football: To do the best I can for my team. Win some trophies and do well in all competitions.

Liam Vincent

Football Style: Fast winger with a powerful left foot.

Hopes for the Tour: Play some good football.

Ambition in Football: To become either a semi-pro or a pro.

Joe Emmons

Football Style: Fast down the wing with a great cross. Able to score vital goals given the opportunity.

Hopes for the Tour: Having a good run in the Dallas Cup and hopefully get on the scoresheet.

Ambition in Football: In it for the fun and exercise and build confidence on the pitch.

Nathan Bryan

Honours: Bromley District.

Football Style: A skillful central midfielder with a wicked left foot. Also great vision and set-pieces..

Hopes for the Tour: I hope to improve my football in every aspect. Also make it to the final and win the Dallas Cup.

Ambition in Football:  I want to take my football to the highest level possible and enjoy it. Ultimate dream is to play professional football.

Rory Bryant

Honours: Arsenal Academy, Crystal Palace Academy.

Football Style: As the captain of Ravens Wood A team since Year 7, I am a reliable, versatile team player. My skills are reading the game and making key decisions that can change a game when needed. Precision and accuracy when passing, I am predominantly a right footed played who is dominant and controls the game.

Hopes for the Tour: To play football against great teams outside of the UK and to use this experience to improve my playing style.

Ambition in Football: Whilst I would like to be a professional player, I know my chances are slim. I thoroughly enjoy playing and will work as hard as I can to reach my maximum potential to make it as far as I can in the game.

Oliver Lapthorn

Honours: District Team

Football Style: Fast, good passing centre midfielder, right footed.

Hopes for the Tour: Win a game.

Ambition in Football: Take up a job in football.

Adam Miller

Football Style: A fast forward with a good right foot.

Hopes for the Tour: To play well as a team.

Ambition in Football: To play at the highest possible level.

Alex Paterson

Honours: Players Player 14-15 & Golden Boot 15-16

Football Style: Play in the ‘No 10’ position where I assist as many goals as I score. Excellent touch in hold up play and good weight off pass.

Hopes for the Tour: My hopes for the tour is to get out of the group stages and experience an international tournament.

Ambition in Football: Play to my highest ability and enjoy playing football.

Finlay Lovatt

Football Style: Creator/play maker/ box to box midfielder with good technical ability and an eye for goal.

Hopes for the Tour: To play the best of my ability and win at least one game.

Ambition in Football: To continue to work hard to obtain a scholarship when I’m 16 and then a professional deal.

Keanan Allasani

Football Style: I’m a very attacking player who likes to go forward, I like to think I’m pretty skilled at dribbling, I’m pretty technical.

Hopes for the Tour: I hope that we could win the group stages then go on to win the tournament. I would also like to get player of the tournament.

Ambition in Football: My ambitions in football are to become professional and become a world class footballer.