PE Kit Policy

Kit Requirements

Winter PE Kit (September – March) Summer PE kit (March – July)
Green Rugby Shirt

Black Shorts

Green Socks

Moulded Studs, Astroturf Boots or Trainers (3G Pitch)

Studded Boots (Grass)

White RWS T-Shirt

Black Shorts

Green Socks



Non-Participation Policy

If your son is unable to participate in PE due to an injury or illness which has not stopped him from attending school, the PE Department ask that your son brings his PE kit to wear during the lesson and take on the role of a coach, referee or leader. He will be required to bring a note from a Parent /Carer to explain his injury/illness in all instances. This will ensure that your son remains part of his PE class.

An adapted PE kit can be used for an outdoor lesson to keep your son warm throughout inclement weather. For example, a rain jacket and tracksuit bottoms may be worn on top of PE kit.

We appreciate that with some injuries and illnesses, your son may be unable to change and provision will be made for him accordingly.

Behaviour Policy

PE kit is monitored through the school’s behaviour policy, therefore your son must ensure he brings correct PE kit for his timetabled PE lessons.

PE kit sanctions:


Behaviour Level Reason Sanction
Level 1 A forgotten/lost item of PE kit without a note in contact book from Parent/Carer 15 minute after school detention with PE teacher
Level 2 No PE kit for PE lesson 30 minute Thursday department detention after school.
Level 3 Missed Thursday department detention 1 hour Thursday department detention after school.