Day 12: Signal Hill to Langa

Today was an interesting day on my travels. I was allowed to have a lie-in this morning which is a rarity but a nice break from all of the travel. Breakfast was again lovely with a great view of Table Mountain as a backdrop.

Due to maintenance, Table Mountain was not available for a visit so I headed up Signal Hill which is next door. The group had great views of the whole of Cape Town and the surrounding mountains. We could see as far as Robin Island, not only famous for Nelson Mandela but also for some of my own relatives, must go and visit some day


After spending some time on the hill and listening to the Signal at 12pm we headed for to a Township tour in Langa. I have been past the townships a lot recently and this was an opportunity to go in and see what is was like. Before stepping off the coach we were warned to be vigilant as the area is not like one that I have experienced before. We went for a guided walk around a small part of the township. Some of the youngsters in the township came running up to Mr Jones like a celebrity but it was because they rarely see someone with his hair colour! We met some of the people and lots of the children before sitting down for lunch and listening to some awesome drumming and African xylophone performances. The food was brilliant and everyone ate well, a mix of traditional and local foods from the area. After Henry K had stood up the front and sung, and a group of other boys had a go on the instruments, Ed S. doing his best not to keep in time, we went back to the buses and went on a short drive around some of the other parts of the township. What is very clear is that we live a very privileged life, we sat in our very comfortable coach looking in on a world that is unlike anything we have at home. We are very fortunate and one thing that struck me was that the things that we have should not be taken for granted as there are people in far worse situations than us. I hope that all of the boys on tour could see the difference in culture as at points today there is a massive gap.

We were all very tired from the day and we had a journey up to Velddrif. Most of the boys slept on the coach on the way before arriving to dinner at the Riviera Hotel ready for the matches tomorrow. The welcome was warm and the food was needed, tomorrow brings a trip to the beach to relax and then throw the rugby ball around before our final tour matches. Hoping for good performances and positive results.

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