Day 10: Feed them to the sharks!

Like a scene out of the Walking Dead, the boys stumbled out of their rooms to the dining hall for breakfast at 5am. Today we were off to dive with sharks. The first group went straight to shark diving and the 2nd went to a penguin sanctuary.

We were given some information that an anomaly had happened that had never been documented in the area before. A pair of rogue orcas had been seen in the area were menacing the great white sharks (appropriately nicknamed Tom H and Kian G). After 3 great whites had washed up on the beach with Henry T size bite marks in their sides the rest had decided to go into hiding like Ed S in the mornings.

The decision was made that we had to at least give it a go with the outside chance of a sighting. An early rise of 5am was needed to ensure the tide was in our favour and for once no one was late! The group was split into two with the first group going sailing to spot the elusive whites and the other to visit a penguin sanctuary and visit a beach, where the travelling dads attempted to pass on some rugby skills to the boys. This took all of about 10 seconds.

Out on the boat the first group were not lucky with the weather and sea was choppy and the sky overcast. To say there were a few green faces would be an understatement with a trail that fed the following seagulls till there bellies were full. However Mr Freds was able to escape the same fate as previously experienced as he was throwing anti sickness tablets down his neck as if they were smarties.

At one point Mr Meehan was going to be painted grey and thrown in the sea to do some back stroke to trick the boys into thinking that a shark fin was in the water, but then we thought, the boys aren’t that silly and would think it was a whale instead. The group was lucky and with my birds eye view I was able to guide them to see some real whales swimming in a pod.

With the weather improving and the sea calmer the groups swapped and the sea legs were a lot more stable until Mr Roser started a chain reaction by feeding the fish with half digested full English. Reece M watched in disbelief until he turned and fed the other side. Unlucky for Owen L who was in the cage and ended up wearing the fish feed.

After the shark searching experience the boys were fed and the journey to Cape Town began.

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