Day 3: Match Day at Konka

I spent my 2nd night at Konka Camp with Henry T and Ross A. I awoke feeling great as I managed to sleep the whole night through despite the constant giggling from Freddy J. We had a fairly early start in the morning as we had to be up for a big breakfast before our day of rugby. We had a little bit of free time after breakfast in which we mentally prepared for the matches by running in and out of each others rooms and stealing their towels. The pitches were very close to our accommodation so at 10am we walked up to the ground and awaited the arrival of our opposition. The Leopards developement team were picked up by our coaches and had a two hour journey from a township in the north of country. At 10:30 the coaches pulled up and around 30 boys, aged between 13 and 30 got off. 

As kick off approached, the order of matches changed with the U16s first followed by U17B and then U17A. The matches started and the U16s played to the best of their ability and came out on top with a result of 28-12. Fantastic tries were scored by Liam C (2), Harry C and Harry M. Some fantastic rugby was played, helped by the fact that at this altitude, the ball can be spun long distances. 

The U17B game was next. The match was fairly even with both sides taking injuries and making big hits. Ross A and Jack H both scored tries but the Leopards replied with some equally impressive scores. However, Ravens Wood came out on top in the last minute try from Dan D (2) at 13, with the final score 22-19. Unfortunately Michael W split his eye open in a bone crunching tackle and was taken to hospital with Mr Freds in an ambulance. A number of hours later and after some clever needle work, Michael was back to his old self.

The U17A’s game was a great game with big runs from man-mountain Henry T and some elusive wing play from Ryan H. The opposition had some huge boys; many had beards, children and 15 years left on their mortgage. The highlight of the second half was watching their prop, nicknamed the big mamma, steamroller David W. But David had 4 wheat-a-bix for breakfast and he soon got up to fight on. 

We shared lunch with opposition and presented them with awards and ties. The RWS men of the matches were Owen R, Jack H and Ryan H. Special mention must go to Owen R and Ryan H who kicked superbly. Before the game however, they could not hit a barn door with a banjo, so Mr Meehan quickly watched a YouTube video on kicking coaching and swiftly intervened. We then had some free time to relax and bask in our success. Later that evening we had dinner followed by an authentic African drumming session around a fire with marshmallows.  

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