Day 1: Woody’s Journey to South Africa

Today I spent the day with Kian E and Liam C, I’ve been looking forward to this trip for a very long time and it’s finally happening! This is going to be an experience of a lifetime! As soon as I woke up my smile was from ear to ear as I knew this was the day my whole life was going to change. My bags are packed and ready to go, from this point onwards I know it’s game time for the boys. 

I landed at the school where Mr Freds chewed my ear off about the tour, I told him to give it a rest as he turned up in the wrong kit! The boys started to turn up, all very much excited like myself. 

We got on the coach and the boys said their farewells to parents, a few with kisses and cuddles (embarrassing)! No sooner as we got on the coach, the staff span the wheel. The wheel span and Kian E and Liam C were chosen to look after me for the day. We all became acquainted and had a steady journey to the airport. We went to check in but I managed to get on the flight for free!

At 6pm, the touring party headed for the gate. Kian G had trouble checking in as he did not know where he was flying to and he had to ask the tour rep!! All the boys were discussing what films they were going to watch on the flight and Michael W was wetting his pants about the new Moana film. During the flight, my favourite time came, the dinner service! I had curry and rice, it was very tasty! In the middle of the flight, I asked to see the cockpit. The pilots were hesitant at first because they were not allowed to invite birds in, but Kian E promised that we would not put any pics on facebook or twitter…

The flight was long, unlike Mr McMurray’s shorts and BA’s woeful selection of movies did nothing to pass the time. In fact we had seen most of the movies in Mr Galler’s lessons. The airstewardesses did a wonderful job in bringing endless cans of coke out for the lads, but I did notice that most people turned on their light to get their attention, but Mr Jones would tense his chest and breathe in deep!

After we landed, it was time for me to be looked after by two more tourists, the wheel span… a fidget spinner.

Russell L and David W were up next! 

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